The Benefits Of Using Indoor Tanning Lotions


Those of you who are contemplating indoor tanning would have undoubtedly gone through the process of trying to determine whether to go for a tanning bed or indoor tanning lotions. After considering the pros & cons of tanning beds, you will without a doubt have come to the conclusion that they can be pretty harmful regardless unless you use proper protection. In fact, there is no 100% safe way of using a tanning bed and this is because of the dangerous UV rays you expose your body to in the process.


A good way to protect yourself while using a tanning bed is by using indoor tanning lotions. They are formulated to help you achieve the perfect tan without too much hassle and without exposing your body to any hazards of any kind. This being said, you should still apply the lotion according to instructions because, at the end of the day, indoor tanning lotions contain a variety of chemicals that will most likely cause grave imbalances if not applied properly.

It is important to remember that indoor tanning lotions are a lot different than standard suntan lotions that you normally use outdoors. For instance, you should never use a standard suntan lotion on a tanning bed, just indoor tanning lotions. This is because indoor tanning uses manufactured UVA rays applied in a controlled environment, a lot different than outdoor tanning which involves both UVA and UVB natural rays.

At this point, we would do well to explain what makes the best indoor tanning lotions so efficient to begin with. First of all, most suntan lotions contain sunscreen, whereas indoor tanning lotions do not. This is because you don’t really need too much SPF protection when tanning indoors due to the unique formula used by most of these lotions. One of the reasons behind this is that you can determine just how much SPF exposure you’ll get during an indoor tanning session beforehand.

Interestingly enough, indoor tanning lotions enhance UV rays rather than blocking them, which is a lot different than outdoor suntan lotions that block UVA and UVB rays. The belief behind them is that indoor tanning sessions are much quicker than sunbathing outdoors, which is why you want to get the most out of each session. At the same time, these short tanning sessions will provide you with a deeper, quicker tan, without spending hours on end outside.

Last but not least, indoor tanning lotions do not cause any sort of damage to tanning beds, unlike standard suntan lotions that may cause damage to the acrylic material that makes up tanning beds. This is because acrylic hoods are porous by design, meaning that they expand when the bulbs heat up. While using regular tanning lotions, you can create a film on the acrylic surface that will eventually reduce the tanning capabilities of the tanning bed.


What Type of Bicycle Should You Buy?


Bicycling allows you to do some beneficial exercises and have fun while preserving the environment at the same time. Cycling can also be a great means to commute to work, run errands, or experience a backcountry trail as well as other serious pursuits such as racing and touring. However, you can have the best bicycling experience only if you get the right kind of the equipment. For this reason, you need a bike that fits your needs, fitness and interests. Navigating this article will help you to select the right type of bike for you.

Examples of various types of bike available for you

  • Road bikes: You can use these bikes to ride faster on a smooth pavement. They have “drop” handlebars and skinny, smooth tires, and thus ideal for on-road racing. They are unstable on unpaved trails, and not capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • Mountain bikes: You can use these bikes for rough off-road trails. They have a very low gear range suitable for pedaling up steep trails and have upright or flat handlebars. Here are the best mountain bikes of 2015.
  • Adult tricycles: These trikes are the right choice for elderly adults who still want the benefits of cycling despite their health limitations. You can find them to be the most comfortable option for cycling. We highly recommend checking the best adult tricycles & their reviews listed by, it will help you in making the best decision of choosing the perfect tricycle for your exact needs.

Factors to consider before deciding on the best type of bike


You need to examine a few factors before making a purchase. They include:

  1. Your riding type

The riding you intend to have will dictate the type of bicycle to buy. These riding types may include leisure or recreation riding, touring, racing, and road and off road riding. Leisure riding demands little equipment, clothing, and fitness, as they are usually infrequent, short and on an easy or flat terrain. Touring requires an expedition or touring bicycle as it is a long distance riding. You can use any kind of bicycle if you need road-riding bicycle but you need a hybrid or mountain bikes when it comes to off road riding.

  1. Your riding places

You should factor in the terrain of your riding region as it as well influence the type of the bicycle to purchase. For an instance, if the cycling route is partly off road or largely hilly, then a mountain or a hybrid bike may serve you better than a road bike.

  1. Your riding frequency

If you plan to use the bicycle regularly or on the daily basis, then you may consider add bit more cash to get a more quality and durable bike. On the other hand, you may discover that you do not even need to buy your own bike if you plan to use it on very few occasions.

  1. Your health conditions

Whatever kind of bike you choose, you should ensure that your health is up to par during riding. For an instance, elderly adults with special needs such as balance issue can still fun around under their powers by choosing the right bike from a list of adult tricycles such as a recumbent tricycle.


Here Why You Should NOT buy Water Dancing Speakers

speakers led water

Have you ever yearned to buy or own a water dancing speaker? If you are new to it and think it will transform your entertainment, and then find the real truth here. Water dancing speakers are a really a waste of money. You may think that it is the coolest speakers you can find on the market, but it is not. There are various drawbacks of these speakers.

Reasons why you should not buy water dancing speakers

  • You must plug them into your computer via a USB cable. Water dancing speakers cannot be plugged into the wall directly. You have to plug it in your computer then adjust the volume from there.
  • They are very noisy. Perhaps, these speakers sound awful. The effects of water make the speakers produce a lot of noises as they dance. In fact, the noise is louder than the speakers themselves. The worst of it is that even if you set the lowest volume, they still sound awry. Sometimes they sound like torn speakers, and you can’t wish to continue listening. If you are don’t like distorted noise, then do not buy these speakers.
  • Sometimes one speaker works and the other do not. Water dancing speakers are the cheapest quality you can find. The worst of it is that sometimes you may get a pair that all the speakers are not working as you expect.
  • The lights are not that visible in daylight. You have to go to a dark place to see them well.
  • It comes with few drops of water making. The water can amount to two teaspoonfuls and may not produce the quality you are looking for. These
  • They are not durable. The most disappointing thing about water dancing speakers is that they not last for as long as you expect. They look very old after only a few months of use. Ideally, they are a total disaster; a waste of your money, you can rather buy other speaker brands.

If you’re looking for high quality speakers for your PC or Laptop, check The Best Computer Speakers.


Qualities to Look for in Good Gaming Routers


Gaming routers can make any game more fun to play. People get gaming routers in the first place because they are interested in playing in multi player mode. Playing by yourself is a lot of fun but there are many games nowadays that are developed with groups in mind. These make it easy to play with men and women from all across the world. Unfortunately, you cannot play these games without a specially designed router.

gaming router

gaming router

If you want to enhance your experience as a gamer, this is one piece of equipment that can make a big difference. However, if you don’t get the right type, you’ll wonder what all the hype is about. Read more to learn about the things you should look for in a good gaming router.

Go Wireless
No one wants to be getting caught up in wires while they’re playing a game. Using a wireless router enhances the overall experience. It frees you up to move around and really get into the game that you are playing, without worrying about pulling down some piece of equipment or getting yourself hurt accidentally. In fact, if you invite friends over, wireless becomes even more of an asset since your living room or any other area where you play, can look more organized.

Built For Speed
Even if you have extremely fast broadband Internet, performance will still be limited by the type of router that you have. Make sure that you choose one that uses the latest wireless technology to deliver data to you at mind blowing speeds. A router that works with the wireless-n standard is a good choice when it comes to fast data transfer.

Greater Coverage
No one wants to be stuck right beside their equipment for the entire duration of play. If you want to be able to move around a bit, simply getting a wireless router is not enough. You need one that has a good range. If the signal can’t travel more than 2 feet from the device, you’ll not enjoy playing as much as you would otherwise. You should look for a router that uses wireless MIMO technology.

This type of antenna technology expands the reach of your router. While most manufacturers may not explicitly state that the device uses next generation antenna technology on the packaging, you can often find that information in the detailed product description.

Best Security
While you would love to be able to concentrate solely on gaming while you are online, there are quite a few people out there who want to use your distracted state to their advantage. It is important to make sure you get a router that has the highest quality security available. This is important for your own protection as well as that of other people who may use your computer or be connected to it on a network. DMZ makes it really easy to create a digital boundary that makes it hard for hackers and others to get into your system while you play.

The D-Link AC3200 combines all of the features you would expect to be in a best router for gaming. That is why it is often thought of as the best router for gaming. In addition, it’s really durable and lasts a long time. If you play for hours every week, it will become a valued part of your gaming equipment.