Here Why You Should NOT buy Water Dancing Speakers

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Have you ever yearned to buy or own a water dancing speaker? If you are new to it and think it will transform your entertainment, and then find the real truth here. Water dancing speakers are a really a waste of money. You may think that it is the coolest speakers you can find on the market, but it is not. There are various drawbacks of these speakers.

Reasons why you should not buy water dancing speakers

  • You must plug them into your computer via a USB cable. Water dancing speakers cannot be plugged into the wall directly. You have to plug it in your computer then adjust the volume from there.
  • They are very noisy. Perhaps, these speakers sound awful. The effects of water make the speakers produce a lot of noises as they dance. In fact, the noise is louder than the speakers themselves. The worst of it is that even if you set the lowest volume, they still sound awry. Sometimes they sound like torn speakers, and you can’t wish to continue listening. If you are don’t like distorted noise, then do not buy these speakers.
  • Sometimes one speaker works and the other do not. Water dancing speakers are the cheapest quality you can find. The worst of it is that sometimes you may get a pair that all the speakers are not working as you expect.
  • The lights are not that visible in daylight. You have to go to a dark place to see them well.
  • It comes with few drops of water making. The water can amount to two teaspoonfuls and may not produce the quality you are looking for. These
  • They are not durable. The most disappointing thing about water dancing speakers is that they not last for as long as you expect. They look very old after only a few months of use. Ideally, they are a total disaster; a waste of your money, you can rather buy other speaker brands.

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