What Type of Bicycle Should You Buy?


Bicycling allows you to do some beneficial exercises and have fun while preserving the environment at the same time. Cycling can also be a great means to commute to work, run errands, or experience a backcountry trail as well as other serious pursuits such as racing and touring. However, you can have the best bicycling experience only if you get the right kind of the equipment. For this reason, you need a bike that fits your needs, fitness and interests. Navigating this article will help you to select the right type of bike for you.

Examples of various types of bike available for you

  • Road bikes: You can use these bikes to ride faster on a smooth pavement. They have “drop” handlebars and skinny, smooth tires, and thus ideal for on-road racing. They are unstable on unpaved trails, and not capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • Mountain bikes: You can use these bikes for rough off-road trails. They have a very low gear range suitable for pedaling up steep trails and have upright or flat handlebars. Here are the best mountain bikes of 2015.
  • Adult tricycles: These trikes are the right choice for elderly adults who still want the benefits of cycling despite their health limitations. You can find them to be the most comfortable option for cycling. We highly recommend checking the best adult tricycles & their reviews listed by AdulTricyclesPro.com, it will help you in making the best decision of choosing the perfect tricycle for your exact needs.

Factors to consider before deciding on the best type of bike


You need to examine a few factors before making a purchase. They include:

  1. Your riding type

The riding you intend to have will dictate the type of bicycle to buy. These riding types may include leisure or recreation riding, touring, racing, and road and off road riding. Leisure riding demands little equipment, clothing, and fitness, as they are usually infrequent, short and on an easy or flat terrain. Touring requires an expedition or touring bicycle as it is a long distance riding. You can use any kind of bicycle if you need road-riding bicycle but you need a hybrid or mountain bikes when it comes to off road riding.

  1. Your riding places

You should factor in the terrain of your riding region as it as well influence the type of the bicycle to purchase. For an instance, if the cycling route is partly off road or largely hilly, then a mountain or a hybrid bike may serve you better than a road bike.

  1. Your riding frequency

If you plan to use the bicycle regularly or on the daily basis, then you may consider add bit more cash to get a more quality and durable bike. On the other hand, you may discover that you do not even need to buy your own bike if you plan to use it on very few occasions.

  1. Your health conditions

Whatever kind of bike you choose, you should ensure that your health is up to par during riding. For an instance, elderly adults with special needs such as balance issue can still fun around under their powers by choosing the right bike from a list of adult tricycles such as a recumbent tricycle.


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